Jubilee Weekly September 4, 2018

“Praising God”

When I started school in the first grade, I had a teacher who early on decided she didn’t like me. Her name was Miss Pine. It may have been because we weren’t one of the up and coming families in the community.

Perhaps it was because our family went to church. No matter how hard I tried to please her, nothing worked. At the end of the year, on my report card, she wrote, “Passed but on probation.” That meant that when the next school year started, I would be in the second grade, but I had one month to prove I could do second grade work or else I would have to repeat the first grade.

You can be sure I did everything I could to prove myself and, at the end of that month was told I could go on with the second grade. The problem was, Miss Pine also taught the second grade. Yes, as before, she promoted me into the third grade and again, on probation.

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Pastor Leonard

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