Jubilee Weekly March 19, 2019

“Injured for His Glory” This past year I have begun a friendship with a dear brother in Christ by the name of Brad Reiches. Recently, when he was in the area, we met and he gave me a copy of his book by the above title. It is really the story of his life, up to the present, and he shares lessons he has learned across the years. I identify with much that he shares, so I thought we all might profit from what he has written. Brad suffers from Parkinson’s disease. In the preface, he wrote, “God is way bigger than I ever imagined. Injured for His Glory? It took me thirty-six years to even begin to understand it. Thirty-six years of bitterness. Thirty-six years of frustration. Thirty-six years of discipline, pruning, refining and yes, wounding.

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God bless you,

Pastor Leonard

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