Jubilee Weekly February 5, 2019


I love Israel and the Jewish people. I have been there about ten times and have witnessed first-hand the determination of these people to survive. I feel sorry for any individual or nation that speaks against these people. God chose this nation many years ago to be a witness to the world of what it is like for people to be in a right relationship with him.

God will bless any individual or nation that blesses Israel. By the same token, He will judge any individual or nation that opposes His people. I am convinced that the reason America has been blessed, in so many ways, is because we have stood with this tiny nation of slightly more than seven million people.

Land size, Israel is hardly larger than our third smallest state of New Jersey, It is 260 miles, at its longest point, and 60 miles at its widest and 3 miles at its narrowest.

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God bless you,

Pastor Leonard

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