Announcements Weekly September 19, 2017

1. Sunday was so special. So many commented on how they sensed the presence of the Holy Spirit. The choir was wonderful. There were new people present. More chairs were occupied. God is doing a wonderful thing here and you are a very special church family. We love you.

2. Women’s Ministry Bible Study begins this Wednesday at 9:30 am. The excitement is running high. Close to 50 have signed up. Let’s be much in prayer for this venture that each one will grow, new friendships will be formed and the Lord exalted.

3. Next Sunday, we finish our series on the book of Daniel. We will look at Daniel the man, and why he was so influential over so many years and most of those years as a captive in foreign cultures. Can we be like Daniel?

4. Books! Books! Books! I hope you are a reader. There are many fine books on the tables opposite the worship area, and they are free.

5. The Steve McQueen movie is appearing in theaters across the country on Thursday, Sept. 28th. I understand the tickets are going very fast. It has been my privilege to work behind the scenes. Pray that the story of Steve’s conversion will touch many hearts.

6. Looking ahead – Please be sure you are present on October 15th when it will be our privilege to have Rev. Don Richardson, veteran missionary with us. He is the author of the true story book, “Peace Child” and also “Eternity in Their Hearts”. You will not be disappointed.

7. Update on Jubilee Fellowship – When I first approached Mike Sherrow about coming on staff to develop and direct the choir, it would mean 5 hours a month. As Jubilee grows, so do our needs, so we have increased his hours to 10 a week. His responsibilities will expand considerably. He will have
general oversight for our technical areas, recruit and help train people for different areas of responsibility. He will develop other musical groups, put on special programs for special days, etc. Mike will be Pastor of Worship and Praise. God is good.

8. Memorial Service for Jere DeMars, this Thursday, September 21st at Ivy Lawn at 12:30.