Announcements Weekly September 12, 2017

1. Don’t miss this Sunday – our Jubilee choir will be singing. Invite a friend to come with you.

2. “The Millenial Reign” of Christ – following the Battle of Armageddon, our Lord will set up His earthly kingdom and He will rule and reign here on earth for 1000 years. What an exciting time that will be. I hope you can be present, this Sunday.

3. Dolly Puls is with the Lord. There will be a celebration of her life on December 17th, at Ted Mayer Funeral Home. Watch for further word as we get closer to that date.

4. Women’s Bible Study begins Wednesday, Sept. 20th at 9:30 AM. Ladies have you signed up? As pastor, I am so excited about the richness of your study, the blessing of your worship and the friendships that
will be found.

5. Pastor Ron Vitti of Valley Bible Fellowship in Bakersfield, the mother church of nCourage, is holding a Bible Study here every Tuesday evening at 6 PM. Everyone is invited and welcome.

6. Our Book Table is working well. It is a wonderful way to get extra blessings out of good books. You can contribute books you have read and select from other books that have been donated.

7. An Exciting Challenge – as I mentioned Sunday, our 100 new chairs have arrived. I would love to see each of us who are a part of this new church, ask the Lord to guide us to one person who would become a regular attender, to occupy one of those chairs. Let’s grow Jubilee together for God’s glory.

8. Looking ahead – I will finish our current series this month and I will be starting a new series the second Sunday in October on the life of Abraham. I don’t believe Jubilee will ever lose her joy, but I believe from this time forward, we will go by a rock solid faith in God.

9. Please pray for all the states and people being affected by the severe storms taking place. Pray for the many groups working to help those who are hurting.

10. Do you know of people who have rooms to rent? We have at least two men with limited resources that are looking for places to rent.