Announcements Weekly September 11, 2018

1. OK guys and gals … this may be just what the doctor ordered: Bible Stretching Class. What a great opportunity to gain spiritual strength and physical strength at the same time! Come to the class on Thursday, September 13th (that’s THIS THURSDAY), 9:00 AM, and join Grace Dolton for a fine time. It’s for all abilities and all ages.

2. We’re taking a day-trip to Los Angeles — to the Dream Center. This day trip is scheduled for Tuesday, October 2nd. The Dream Center ministers to the local homeless community, emancipated youth, gang members, single mothers, struggling families and more. They house close to 500 people as they strive to meet the spiritual and physical needs of the community. Sign-ups will begin this Sunday.

3. Our RED Transport Cart needs the following:
1. Drivers. If you are interested, let us know (in the office) and we will soon have another driver’s training class.
2. Maintenance crew (of one). Yes, the EASY maintenance plan can be implemented by male or female. It is a QUICK monthly check-off list to make sure those for 4 wheels will get you around our parking lot safely.

4. VJF Church Membership class is filling up fast! If interested in joining Jubilee Fellowship, sign up at the Information Table this Sunday. Class date: September 22nd at 10 AM.

5. Have you been Baptized since you accepted Christ? It is one of the ways that we honor our LORD and acknowledge Him as our Savior. Our Baptism Class is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 22nd at 9 AM. Pick up the form at the Information table.

6. Sign-ups continue for the Women’s Bible Study at the Information Table. The first session is scheduled for Sept. 19th at 9:30 AM. You won’t want to miss this new series: “true woman 201 – interior design”. Authors Mary Kassian and Nancy Demoss discuss ten elements of Biblical womanhood.

7. SAVE THE DATES – October 26, 27 & 28, 2018. We expect a packed house for our upcoming weekend Bible Conference with Dr. Robert Morgan – pastor, speaker and Gold-Medallion winning writer from Nashville Tennessee.

8. Several of our folks took the CPR/AED (defibrillator) training class. Along with our medical team, we feel Jubilee is well equipped to handle most emergencies. Please note: the AED unit is on the back wall, by the Cry Room. YOU may be asked to bring it to an emergency situation. ALL of us should know where it is located. When you come Sunday, note the sign and the AED unit on the wall.