Announcements Weekly March 6, 2018

1. Don’t forget next Sunday is the time change. It is time to spring ahead. Saturday evening set your clocks one hour ahead … then go to bed.
2. Next Sunday, we have the choir ministering to the Lord and us. It is always a real blessing to hear them. I hope you can be present.
3. Also, on the 11th, we will continue our series on the life of Abraham. You won’t believe how exciting the series gets, at this point. I hope you can be present.
4. Praise God – The last two Sundays people have come to me after the service to share with me that they had invited Christ into their lives. What joy it is to watch the Holy Spirit working in our midst.
5. Ladies – Your new Bible study series is just underway, every Wednesday at 9:30 AM. I get to hear the speaker from my office — she is great. I hope you can attend.
6. We need your help to develop our Jubilee Kids’ Ministry. If you have grandchildren, not in church, or if you know young families not in church, please encourage them to attend. Those with pre-K can use the nursery to care for their little ones and listen to the service.
7. Opportunities to Serve.
A. We have several ladies in Oxnard who want to participate in our Women’s Bible study. If we had someone to give them a ride to the study, there are ladies who would give them a ride home. Let me know if you can serve the Lord in this way.
B. We could use 2 or 3 men who would come either Tuesday afternoon or early Wednesday to set up the rooms for the ladies’ Bible study. The chairs are fairly heavy. It wouldn’t take very long to set up and then come back later to put the chairs away. Call me if you can help.
8. Coming Events:
A. The new movie “Paul – The Apostle” will be released across the country on March 23rd. For Ventura area: Century Riverpark (The Collection)
10:40 AM, 1:30 PM, 4:20 PM, 7:10 PM, 9:50 PM.
B. Franklin Graham will be making a “Decision America” tour in California. He will be in Oxnard on May 23rd. You will want to hear him.
C. Save this date – the evening of Tuesday, May 22nd. Jubilee will celebrate our one-year anniversary. What a special time this will be as we rejoice all the ways God has blessed us this past year.
9. Jubilee cooks produce the BEST Café Cookies ever! Well folks, it’s time for more! We want to thank all of you who have so graciously donated your amazing cookies, week after week. For the first time, we nearly ran short last week … but you know what God did with the 5 loaves… well, suddenly we had cookies!
PLEASE join in and share your favorite cookies. We ask that you sign up this Sunday – the table is by the window. We really need to know, in advance, what and who we can count on.
ALSO, our heartfelt thanks to those who help set-up and take down for the Cookie Fellowship time. Please sign up to help. If we all do a little, that is all we’ll have to do.
10. Meetings:
A. Mission’s Board Meeting, Thursday – March 8th, 10:00 AM. (Café)
B. Attendance Committee Meeting, Thursday – March 8th, 10:00 AM. (Reflection’s Room)
10. Voters Decide the Future of America … VOTE in the California Primaries, April 9th 2018. For further information, go to