Announcements Weekly March 20, 2018

1. PROJECTS – Up until now, we have had it pretty easy as we were leasing from nCourage Church and using much of their equipment. On April 1st, we become the primary and nCourage will lease from us. Much of the equipment will be taken by Valley Bible Fellowship, to be used in new churches they are starting.
a. They will be taking their chairs, so we will be ordering 300 chairs for the worship area. We already have 100.
b. We want to begin our lunches and dinners again, so we are ordering 40 round tables.
• Valley Bible Fellowship will be taking their tables, in the Café, so we will use some of the new tables in there.
c. We want to order 300 comfortable chairs to be used with the tables and also seating for the choir.
d. We will be expanding the platform plus get risers for the choir, to be on the platform.
e. We have already begun to relocate the sound and lighting system. This means we will be putting in a new sound system, speakers, etc. (VBF is taking theirs).
f. Eventually, we want to put in a new glass entrance where the large roll-up door is located. It will become our main entrance and much more accessible from the parking lot.
g. We also want to put in a full kitchen in the facility.
I’m sure you can see that we will be having some heavy expenses rather quickly. I thank the Lord for your faithful support. It is your giving that is making it possible to make these changes and improvements.
These projects are each being carefully considered by several folks involved in the transition. Please continue to pray for our church leadership as decisions are made … we want to do this for the Lord’s church and be ever so mindful of the use of our tithes and offerings.
May God bless you and I thank Him for you.
a. Be sure to see the new movie – St. Paul – the Apostle of Christ; to be shown on March 23rd.
b. Be sure to save Tuesday, May 22nd, for our first anniversary dinner. This is going to be a great event.
c. On Wednesday, May 23rd, Franklin Graham will be speaking in Oxnard. We don’t want to miss this event.
Anita and team are making every effort to have enough cookies each Sunday. There are times when we have too many and other times, not enough. In order to manage the cookie inventory, please use the sign-up sheets. They are conveniently located on the table by the Café entrance door. Thank you, dear folks, we cherish our special café fellowship time!
There is an old saying, “More things are wrought through prayer than this world dreams of.” This is God’s ministry and Christ’s church. He wants us to partner with Him in prayer to grow it. Would you pray for nCourage Church and for Jubilee Fellowship every day?
Adrian Roger wrote — “Sometimes we don’t feel like praying. But, if there were ever a time that we need to pray, it is when we don’t feel like it. We need to pray until we do feel like it.”
April 1st is Easter Sunday. We plan to have a special celebration as we worship our risen Lord and Savior, including an Easter Musical. Please plan to bring your family and friends! Along with the church service, there will be the kids program, k-5 and nursery care. Let’s make our first Easter, as Ventura Jubilee Fellowship, a memorable time for all as we worship and sing praise to Him.
6. Jubilee Kids –
Our goal is to have Jubilee Fellowship be a church for all ages. The Lord has raised up an amazing group of volunteers for this ministry. It is designed for K-5th grade. We are starting from scratch and we need all of you to help as we grow the program. Some of you have grandchildren, not in church. Ask the Lord to help you bring them. I ask that all of us be on the alert for young families not in church. Build a relationship with them. Invite them to come as your guests. Together, we can build this ministry for the glory of God.
“He Is Risen” devotional booklets are on the Information Table. Please take one per family.