Announcements Weekly March 13, 2018

1. Coming Events:

A. A new movie based on a true story,” I Can Only Imagine” showing at the Riverpark theatre in the Collection, this Thursday, March 15th at 7:10 and 9:55 PM.  Senior advanced tickets, $7.75.

B. “St. Paul the Apostle” to be shown at the Collection on March 23rd
C. Franklin Graham will be in Oxnard one night only on Wednesday, May 23rd Encourage your non-Christian friends to attend.

2. Be sure to reserve Tuesday, May 22nd for our first Anniversary dinner. It will be a very great evening.

3. Ladies – there is still time for you to get in on the Women’s Bible Study, every Wednesday at 9:30 AM.

4. Do you know how to read music and sing the different parts? Maybe you can sing the melody of songs, but would you like to learn how to read and sing the different parts? If so, please feel free to contact Meryl Wamhoff at: 805-648-2238 for more

5. Your giving to worship our LORD is such a blessing to us. We will be having some major expenses the next few weeks.

• 300 chairs for the worship area – the Bakersfield church will be taking theirs.

• We need to purchase at least 35 round tables for our lunches and dinners.

• We need to purchase a sound system along with speakers, etc.

• There’s another kind of chair that needs to be used with the tables for our lunches and dinners. These same chairs will be used for the choir.
Note: Up until now we have been using things that belong to the mother church in Bakersfield. NCourage will be staying and leasing from us, but much of the equipment will be taken, so we need to provide our own. Thank you so very much for your faithful giving. God bless you.

6. Thank God for volunteers! We are so blessed that so many have stepped up to fill critical roles in this ministry. For example, every Monday morning we have two men who come in and clean the sanctuary and the bathrooms. They are so faithful! We have several ladies in Oxnard that want to come to the Women’s Bible Study, but they don’t drive. If we had several who would take turns bringing them, they would
have a way home. Could you serve the Lord in this way? If so, please give me a call.

“Adrianisms”: I met Adrian Rogers in the 1980’s. What a precious friend and brother he was to me. He was known for his many unique sayings. From time to time, I want to
insert one or more in our weekly meditation. I hope you enjoy them…

This weeks: “Try to define the Trinity and you’ll lose your mind. Deny it, and you’ll lose your soul.”

“What we need is not great FAITH, but FAITH in a great God.”