Announcements Weekly June 27, 2017

1. A Word of Explanation – If you look closely at our logo you will notice that we have removed the word “seniors.” The reason for this is that we want all ages to feel welcome in our Jubilee Fellowship.

2. This is exciting – next Sunday we will have our first communion service in our Fellowship and in our new home. We received a gift that made it possible to purchase our own communion-ware. God is so good.

3. Many thanks to all of you for the way you are supporting this new venture for Christ. Your stewardship is deeply appreciated. So many of our needs are being met as well. Each day, God is affirming us as we follow Him.

4. Join us for prayer – Every Sunday at 11:05 AM, join us in the “Reflections” room for prayer. We must consistently come before the Lord with praise and intercession.

5. Jubilee Fellowship Information – Note: The email should be functioning next week.

Tentative office hours: Monday – Thursday, 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
P. O. Box 3397, Ventura, 93003 (email) (email)
805-535-4325 (office phone) (website)

6. Wheelchair needed – if anyone has a wheelchair, in good condition (not being used) it
would be great to have at least one on hand.

7. Our Choir Will Start Soon — We Have a Director!
I am happy to say that our choir will soon be rehearsing. If you love to sing, I hope you will go to the signup sheet on the Information Table and add your name to this important worship team. We are delighted and so blessed to announced that Mike Sherrow, former Worship Leader at Ventura Missionary, has agreed to serve as our Choir Director. This is such a wonderful way to serve the LORD.

8. Affirmation of Faith
As we continue to develop as a Church it is important that Jubilee Fellowship develop a membership roster. In time, you will be able to vote on election of officers, budget, etc. To do so you will need to be a member. This one time only we are giving you an opportunity to become a member in the following way. On Sunday, you will find on your chair a simple form that says “Affirmation of Faith.” To join you need to affirm that you have entered into a faith relationship with Jesus Christ by trusting His miraculous birth, His atoning sacrifice
for sin on the cross and His resurrection from the dead. This means you have been born again spiritually and have committed your life to Him to be used as He ordains. If you can testify to this faith commitment to Christ then we hope you will sign the Affirmation of Faith and put it in the receptacle on the information table.

9. Message from Anita Larsen …
How wonderful it has been to see Jubilee friends, each Sunday, enjoying time together after the service at our “Cookies & Coffee Fellowship”!
We want to thank everyone who has brought such amazing cookies to share! You are spoiling us with all of your delightful, yummy goodies!

A big thank you also goes to everyone who has helped set-up and clean-up each Sunday. It is such a blessing to work together!

Thank you too for signing up to bring cookies ahead of time, on our sign-up sheet. It is so helpful in our planning and it makes it so much easier if we know about how many cookies we have coming each Sunday.

You will find the sign-up list on one of the tables, in the café, before and during our fellowship time.

Blessings on your week!

Ventura Jubilee Fellowship
Leonard W. DeWitt, Pastor
2226 Goodyear Avenue
Ventura, CA 93003