Announcements Weekly June 20, 2017

1.  The Kentucky-West Virginia trip is around the corner! The itinerary is packed-full of daily activities that will bring you a great appreciation for this part of our country! Call Joan if you are interested, 804-7610. There is space for a few more, but we must have your reservation in by June 30th.

2.  What An Adventure! That is exactly what our new Ventura Jubilee Fellowship is … an adventure! Every day the LORD shows us, in different ways, that He is leading us and meeting our needs. So many have provided equipment, etc. piece by piece and it is all coming together.

3.  There are still a few items on our wish list that you may be able to help with. Contributions for an item or towards an item are greatly appreciated; or if you have any of these items, slightly used, that would be great. The list includes approximate costs.

  • Offering Collection Bags – $70
  • Heavy-duty shredder – $100
  • Waste paper baskets for Reflection’s Room – $70 & $20
  • Communion Set – $1500
  • Artificial 5’-7’ tree for Reflections’ Room – $60
  • 2 small occasional chairs for Reflection’s Room
  • 1 small end table for the Reflection’s Room
  • Vacuum Cleaner $150
  • Electric, heavy-duty stapler

4.  What is the Reflection’s Room? To the left of the sanctuary there is a room which has two sections: a work-room (copy machine, etc.) and a hospitality area. Take a peek on Sunday and you will see it coming together. “Reflection’s Room”?? It came with lots of mirrors!

5.  Volunteers Needed for Cleaning. nCourage does most of their cleaning with volunteers and they would love to have some of our people come alongside and help them. If you could do that as a service to the LORD, please let Joan or me know.

6.  We encourage you to spread the word about Ventura Jubilee Fellowship. If you are excited about our fellowship, then let others know. Tell your family, friends, neighbors, work associates, etc. about Jubilee and invite them to come and worship with you. The best advertisement is you – a satisfied worshiper.

7.  A Word of Explanation … I am frequently asked, “Are we still a class?” or “Are we a church?” Legally, we are a Church. We are also a class.

In some ways we are very similar to the way we have always been, but as we develop, we will have certain leadership teams, such as trustees, deacons, missions, etc. I have always had a Jubilee Council that worked with me, prayed with, served with me, etc. During the transitional time, I will have the Council continue to serve with me as they have in the past.

As we develop, I will keep you very much informed because Jubilee is you … the people.

Blessings on your week!

Ventura Jubilee Fellowship
Leonard W. DeWitt, Pastor
2226 Goodyear Avenue
Ventura, CA 93003