Announcements Weekly July 18, 2017

1. We need several volunteers to help with keeping our new church home presentable. What they are asking of us is light. You would come in Monday and Tuesday mornings to just pick up papers, etc. that may be lying around and empty a few waste paper baskets. Please call Joan or me right away if you could help. 535-4325 (leave message if no answer.)

2. Believer’s Baptism – Have you accepted Christ as your personal Savior and Lord? Ventura Jubilee Fellowship believes every person who receives Jesus Christ should follow Christ in Baptism, in testimony of that relationship. Be sure to read these scriptures: Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 16:16-33. So, if you have received Christ but have not been baptized, please talk to me. I want you to experience the joy of obedience in following Christ.

3. Blood Drive at Paradise Chevrolet – Saturday July 29th. The drive is a cooperative between Ventura Downtown Lions, Paradise Chevrolet and Ventura Jubilee Fellowship. Call 805-469-6650 and talk to Don or Cyndee to sign up. The time for the drive will be 9:30 AM – 2:30 PM.

4. The First Step to Charter Membership —will be Sunday, August 6, 2017. After the service, we will have a very short break and then up-date you on where we are organizationally. At that time, you will be given an opportunity to sign an “Affirmation of Faith”, that says you are a born again Christian; and, you wish to commit to Ventura Jubilee Fellowship. When we have all of our legal affairs completed, those who complete the affirmation form will become charter members. Those not present but wish to commit to this Fellowship will have two weeks to turn in their form.

NOTE: You do not have to become a member. This will always be your church home. The one difference is that at our congregational meetings, only members will be able to vote. If you do not join, we assure you that you will receive the same love and care the others receive.

5. Don’t forget – our first choir practice will be this Sunday at 4:00 PM in the worship center. This is so exciting … 48 have signed up!

6. Books and CDs For Sale – In the Café, there is a desk with books written by Pastor Ron Vietti of Bakersfield. There are also CD’s featuring music from their worship team. There is a receptacle there for you to put your money in. The children’s books make excellent gifts for the little ones — great stories about Pastor Ron’s farm animals and lessons to be learned.