Announcements Weekly July 10, 2018

Another Opportunity for Service: So much of what has made Jubilee tick thus far, has been done by volunteers seeing a need and stepping up and filling the need.

We have another need that I would like you to pray about. We have a number of really significant events planned. We need a team of people who would take on the ministry of set-up and clean-up. Every Monday morning, like clock-work, two of our men come in
and clean the facility. I am humbled and blessed as I watch these two men serve in this way.

I believe if we had a dozen men who would take on this ministry, they would be blessed and be a blessing. Six could do the set-up and six could do the tear-down/clean-up.

Would you be one of the twelve? Please let us know if the Lord would have you serve in this way.

1. Praise the Lord – we are official! You approved the proposed By-Laws and additional
members to our Nominating Committee. Now the work begins as we get ready for our
Annual Congregational Meeting, in September.

2. Child Evangelism, The Fair and the Little Red School House – Child Evangelism has been using the Little Red School House to share the good news about Jesus Christ at the Fair for approximately 68 years!!

They need volunteers to help in several ways. There will be a training for workers this Friday, (07/13) at our church from 10 AM to 12:00 PM. You do not have to serve every day and you get into the fair for free. Please come to the training.

3. Men’s Breakfast and Bible Study, this Thursday at 6 AM. This week, Pastor Brad of nCourage, will be teaching. Let’s get the word out that our breakfasts are meeting again. Cost: $5.00

4. Save the dates: July 20th-21st, Friday, 7 PM and Saturday, 9 AM-1 PM. Richard Morris, Missionary from France will bring a seminar on Spiritual Warfare.

5. Tuesday, September 11th, our noon luncheon will feature Sheriff Detective Tim Lohman who will give a presentation on scams which are targeting seniors.

6. A weekend Bible Conference with Dr. Robert Morgan is scheduled for October 20-22. You do not want to miss this event, as we are so blessed to be able to have him come to our church!

7. Did you know? The church has been given a few wheel-chairs and walkers. If you are in need of one to borrow, contact the church office.

8. If you have a “Play ‘n Pak” or portable-type crib, (in good condition) we would like to place one in the Cry Room. We’re also looking for a “glider” type rocking chair. Contact the office.