Announcements Weekly February 27, 2018

1. Many, many thanks for your participation in our Prayer Vigil. One hundred and one people took part! Only time will be able to tell all the good that will come because people prayed. BUT, two men came to me after the service on Sunday and told me they had invited Christ to be their Savior and Lord. With respect to confidentiality, follow-up to the prayer requests may be made through the Weekly Prayer Request ministry by the requesting party. Please do not make direct follow-up contact to names presented on the blue request cards.

2. Some Great News! Sometime this March, we will sign our new lease for the privilege of making this location our home, for the next three years. It will take effect April 1st. You will be seeing changes that we hope will really please you. We learned last week that Valley Bible will be taking their chairs for a new project in Bakersfield… so, this week we are placing an order for 300 chairs. We already have 100. Let’s prayerfully work
together to have someone sitting on all 400 chairs!

3. This Sunday, at 11:30 AM, we will offer the ministry of prayer and anointing with oil for those with special needs. Why don’t you pray about your need and see how the Holy Spirit will guide you.

4. Come and join with us this Sunday as we celebrate the Lord’s Supper, also known as Communion. This is a
time of remembering Calvary, the Cross and the Crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ.

5. Would you like to help … with our Tables & Chairs Project. We want to start having our special lunches and dinners again. The problem is that we do not have the big round tables we used to have. So, we want to order 36 tables that will cost approximately $250 each. We also want to order 300 comfortable, stackable chairs, to be used with the tables. Some of the chairs would also be used for the choir and orchestra. Would you like to help with these two projects? If you can help, it needs to be beyond your regular giving. Make it a matter of prayer and see what the Lord puts on your heart.

6. We need your help — the church mailing list is for the use of this church alone. No one should use our mailing list for their business purposes. I know the temptation is there, but it is not appropriate for anyone to use the Jubilee mailing list for business … thank you for your help and cooperation.

7. The Ladies’ Bible Study starts this Wednesday at 9:30 AM. 42 women signed up for this next study series. Thank you to Karen and her leadership team for all they do in making this ministry such an integral part of the Jubilee Fellowship.

8. The Tuesday evening Bible Study with Pastor Ron has been discontinued due to his schedule. We have enjoyed him so very much and will miss him. We pray for him as he takes on more of the ministry, personally.