Activities & Events Weekly March 26, 2019

  1. Our first Adult Bible Class will be offered beginning Sunday, April 7th at 10:40 AM until 11:20 AM. The course will be taught by Dr. Stephen R. Button and is titled, “Faith Aid … An Examination of Spiritual Health.” He is an excellent teacher with a keen sense of humor. I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity. The class will meet in the large Multi-Purpose room, behind the sound booth.
  2. The Memorial Service for Norman Van Arsdall will be this Saturday,
    March 30th at 10 AM, in our worship center. Please remember Betty and the family in prayer.
  3. We hope all ages will turn out next Saturday, March 30th, at 5 PM, to hear the Eisenhower High School marching band and Jazz band, from Yakima, WA. It will be a fun event and it is free. Many of these young people have probably never been in a church setting. This is our opportunity to rub shoulders with them and have them sense the love of Jesus. (Our youngest grandson – Caleb, is part of this group.)
  4. This Sunday, March 31st at 11:30 AM, it will be our privilege to have Johnny and Ruth Larring with us. They have a wonderful ministry in music to the Scandinavian countries. They will sing in our morning service and then at 5 PM, we will turn them loose for a full hour of worship. You will be blessed.
  5. You know by now that we have a new Associate Pastor who will be joining us mid-June. Dave and Kodi Warbritton are a wonderful couple. Many of you already know and love them and the rest of you will in a short order. God is so good to bring them to us. Pray for them as they wrap things up in Lynchburg and get ready to move here. Some of you have wanted to send “welcome greetings” … here is his email:
  6. Be sure to protect this date on your calendar — Sunday, May 19th. Charlie Campbell will be with us in the morning and again at 5 M for a “Focus on Bible Prophesy.” He is a great teacher. Please tell others about this event.
  7. Birth Marks – I have been told that everyone has one but I can’t say for sure that is true.
    However, our LORD has given every believer two identifying birthmarks that reveal we are His.
    a. Baptism — our LORD asks every person who has received Him and is born again to acknowledge Him in water baptism. Have you received Christ as Your Savior and LORD? Have you publicly acknowledged Him by being baptized? If you haven’t, I want to encourage you to do so. Pick up the form at the Information Table, complete it and return it to the church office. We want to rejoice with you as you are baptized.
    b. Another birthmark is receiving communion, when it is offered — usually the first Sunday of each month, at Jubilee. This is another way that you show you know and love Him and thus obey Him.
  8. An Opportunity — KDAR Radio (The Word), is promoting an attractive offer that someone might want to take advantage of. You agree to give a $1,000 tax free donation to “Feed the Poor” and they, in turn, will give you $2,000 in radio advertising. I’m thinking you might want to donate the advertising to Jubilee for promoting church news and events. Let me know if you are interested.
  9. A Commitment to Pray — In a recent Deacon’s meeting, we felt the need to call our church to prayer for the nation as well as other needs.
    So, beginning the first Wednesday of each month, from 6-7 PM, we are asking you to join us in the sanctuary for prayer.
    The Pacific Garden Mission in Chicago, years ago, used to have a saying, “More things are accomplished by prayer than this world dreams of.” (Tennyson)
    Our first prayer session will be Wednesday, April 3rd.
    Please come and join us.
  10. There will be no Bible & Stretch Class on Thursday, April 4th. Grace (and dad, Paul) will be on their mission trip to Mexico. Let’s be sure to remember them in prayer.
  11. Don’t forget … we’re collection used prescription glasses for the Lion’s Club. There is a box in the entry area for your donations.