Activities & Events March 5, 2019

1. Don’t Miss This Sunday — we will return to our series in 1 John and we will see how the Christian life is a “Life of Joy.” You might find that hard to believe, but you will see for yourself that our joy is not determined by our circumstances. 

2. Have you received Christ in the last few months as your Savior and Lord? Please let us know so that we can rejoice with you. Use one of the Jubilee cards in the back pocket of the chairs to share your good news with us. 

3. Plan on going to Branson in time to experience all of the Christmas shows. The dates are November 14-21, and Clarence Brueckner will be our trip coordinator with Significant Travel. 

4. Something fun and very different. Our youngest grandson Caleb will be traveling with his award-winning high school orchestra and jazz band, the end of March, to Disneyland. They won outstanding awards at the national Reno Jazz Festival and have been invited by Disney twice. We have made arrangements for them to swing over to Ventura for a one-hour concert on Saturday, March 30th at 5 PM. I know you will enjoy these musicians … all 80+ of them! Tell your friends. This is a no cost event. 

5. Visiting Joyce — A number of you have asked about visiting Joyce. I think it would be good for her to see you. Please call and set a time. Probably, early afternoon would be her best time. You might want to bring a short story (such as in Guide-Posts) or some favorite verses in your Bible to read to her. She would enjoy that. 

6. Benevolence Fund: The church may be able to help you with an urgent financial need if you have exhausted all other reasonable means of support. If you desire such assistance, pleased obtain a copy of the Guidelines and Request form from the church office.

7. Ladies — you can still join the weekly Women’s Bible Study that meets Wednesdays at 10 AM. The current study is on “The Attributes of God”, by A. W. Tozer. 

8. A reminder to our men — come to our Men’s Breakfast and Bible Study, that meets every Thursday at 6 AM. It is wonderful to see friendships being forged each week at these gatherings. 

9. This is going to be a great year for Jubilee. I urge you to invite others to come and experience what Jubilee is all about.·        March 31 – Hear Johnny and Ruth Laring, music evangelists to the Scandinavian countries. Sunday morning and concert at 5 PM.·        May 19 – (Sunday) Charlie Campbell will be with us for a “Focus on Bible Prophesy.”·        July 9 – (Tuesday) A brunch is planned to honor officers in K-9 units. You will see these amazing dogs in action. This will be a great event.·        August 17-25 – Our first annual Missions Conference.·        October 18-20 – Bible Conference with Dr. Robert Morgan. This is a MUST FOR EVERYONE.