Activities & Events February 12, 2019

  1. What a Day We Had on Sunday!
    I don’t think we will ever forget having Joshua and Missy Saune, from Peru, with us. We were blessed. Our missions board interviewed them on Saturday and decided that we want to help support them in their ministry. Will be giving them $150 a month; the same that we give to our other missionaries. I am hoping that some of you may want to support them personally. We will get special envelopes from World Partners and then you can give at whatever monthly amount you choose.
  2. A reminder to those planning to be baptized, we have a special class this Saturday at 9 AM in the Café. Let us know if you plan to be there.
  3. This Saturday, at 10 AM in the Café, we will have a membership class for those ready and wanting to become affiliated with Ventura Jubilee Fellowship. Let us know if you plan to attend.
  4. “The Attributes of God” by Tozer, is the new study for our Ladies Bible Study — every Wednesday at 10 AM.
  5. Come on men and join us on Thursdays at 6 AM for our breakfast and Bible Study. This week we continue our discussion on “The Sovereignty of God”.
  6. A Reminder — every Sunday, at the end of our service, several of our church leaders will be at the front, for those who want someone to talk to and pray with them.
  7. We’re Here to Help – some of you have trouble walking … on Sunday mornings you can just stand by your car while our stream-lined red transporter will be by to pick you up. And, yes … it will be ready to go to return you to your car after the service.
  8. Folks … Pastor Leonard is up to his ‘ole tricks! He has a special surprise for you this coming Sunday. You won’t want to miss out on what he has to share. Hmmmmm…
  9. The “Lost and Found Basket” is located in the Conference Room.
  10. We need help folding offering envelopes and placing them in the chair pockets. Interested in this ezy task? Call the office and we’ll get you started.
  11. Did you know … hard copies of the Jubilee Weekly and the Prayer Request List are available on the Information Table each Sunday Morning. Thank you to Mary and Anne for keeping the Info Table in order and timely!
  12. Marriage Well Comedy Date Night − Right here at Jubilee, Feb. 15th from 8 PM to 9:30 PM. You do not have to be married. Singles are welcome too. So, grab a friend and come for a great evening. Tickets are required. Single: $15, Couple $30. Check the event out on