Activities & Events April 16, 2019

  1. Let’s Make This the Best Easter Ever!
    It will be a great day at Jubilee. Be sure you invite others to come and experience it with you. Many non-church goers are very receptive to an invitation at Easter. Please pray for a great out-pouring of God’s Spirit this Sunday.
  2. Due to it being Easter, the Adult Bible Class, “Faith-Aid” will not meet this Sunday.
  3. Ladies, you are invited to the short-term Bible Study that will go from April 24th to May 8th. The study is titled, “The Rock, the Road, and the Rabbi”. The cost is $5. You can sign-up at the Information Table.
  4. Jubilee Pictorial Directory — this is really an incredible tool. It will help you to become familiar with people who are a part of our church family. The cost is $15. And, it is really worth it. For those of you who have a directory, be sure to pick-up the updates at the Information Table.
  5. This week at the Men’s Breakfast and Bible Study, Pastor Leonard will be starting a very important study on the Holy Spirit. I hope you can be present. Bring a friend. We meet every Thursday at 6 AM.
  6. Did you know Jubilee has a “Covenant of Membership”? If you are not a member and are interested in becoming one, just ask for a copy of the covenant. The Welcome Card, in the chair pocket, will give you an opportunity to express your interest in becoming a member.
  7. Have you asked Christ to come into your heart? If you are a believer and would like to profess your faith through baptism, please make note on the Welcome Card, in the chair pocket.
  8. Are You the Answer to our Need?
    We need someone to develop and maintain our website. Do you have any experience in this area? If you do and would be willing to help us, give Pastor Leonard a call. 805-535-4325
  9. MONDAY, APRIL 22ND, you can help support the Good News Clubs. Child Evangelism Fellowship is having a fund raiser at Presto Pasta. CEF will receive 20% of the profits made that day when “Good News Club” is mentioned. 5722 Telephone Rd. Ventura or 1701 Daily Dr., Camarillo.

Just A Word of Encouragement —

I love it when you fill out one of connect cards and leave me a note, a prayer request or to let me know that you have received Christ as your Savior. That news really blesses me. For those who prayed to receive Christ, I just want to say, “Praise God and welcome to His family.”

When you invite Christ to come in and take over your life, you don’t have to pray that prayer again because He promises He will never leave you. Instead, every time I give an invitation, let me encourage you to say, “Thank you LORD that You have already come in and that You will never leave me.”

Here is another thing you can do. Check the box where it says, “I would like to be baptized.” That is what Jesus wants you to do as a witness that you have received Him as your Savior.

God bless you as you follow Him and grow in your faith relationship with Him.